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Maggie S. Dec. 11, 2016

I had a very positive experience with Keystone as Mike worked tirelessly on my case and managed to address all my questions in his 90 page report which included the usual 10 concerns you can get on the internet. Mike met with me before and listened to everything I had to say. He kept me up to date with email, text and phone. I would be happy to share my experience in more detail as a referral if he asked me.
Mike is not cheap and he earned his fee. So if your concern is a simple background check, you can get “the cookbook “ type on the Internet. If your issue is important to you the background will be included in his report. Not to worry. Mike will surprise you with amazing information you will not ever find on the Internet. Good Luck

Shirley E. Nov. 8th, 2016
I contacted Mike to acquire his service that I needed to have investigated. He took the time to ask the questions, called me back within 4 hours with the statement of “I can’t take your money”. “Here is what you need to do”. He outlined the steps that needed to be taken. I followed his advise and the matter was resolved easily. It is quite unusual for a professional to offer a solution to your problem without compensation and with expert advise. He was compassionate and never made me feel uncomfortable. I would not hesitate to call upon him should the need arise.

Ron D. Aug 27, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

I hired Keystone to locate two missing people to complete Real Estate transactions. The first case was transferred from another PI that had no luck finding them in almost a year. Mike Cole “Bulldog” used is talents to find this person in less than 48 hours. The second case also was solved within a day. Not only did Keystone locate both of them but went over and beyond by personally explaining why we needed to find them. I am a Real Estate Professional since 1979 and have over the years used other PI’s before. Mainly others will sell you reports but not get the job done. The owner of Keystone, Mr Cole, took great pride in the job and he will be my PI for life!

Kerri G. Aug 1, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Michael was great! Highly recommended!!

Lau S. Jun 19, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Mr Cole went above and beyond to help me. I was very pleased with his work, ethics and passion for what he does. I definitely recommend his services if you are looking for a competent professional.

Bob L. May 27, 2016 Private Investigation
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I contacted Keystone for possible help in finding information. I called and spoke to Mike. He felt that I could get the information on my own and really did not need his services. Then he spent a good five minutes generating ways I might proceed. Helpful and friendly. If I think I could use his services in the future, I will call.

Samantha S. Apr 12, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Michael did very well helping me. Very much appreciated

Harold B. Apr 5, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Mr. Cole was professional, honest, informative and very helpful. He’s provided exceptional services and I appreciate Mr. Cole going the extra mile to offer options and resources for my situation. Hire him

Ray D. Apr 4, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Let me say it this way. This man is AWESOME!!! I’m really good at finding people via the internet, but I was completely stumped on finding a Classmate of mine from High School class of 1980. I had made several attempts over several years to find my friend, but to no avail. Mike Cole WITHIN HOURS, YES HOURS found my friend much to my amazement! This guy KNOWS what he’s doing and he was EXTREMELY prompt, courteous, professional, and truly CARES about his clients!! I highly recommend Mike Cole!! I only wish I could give him 10 STARS!!

Roman B. Mar 17, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Michael Cole is a very strong professional who will perform a role but offer many great insights into the issue. He’ll take time to listen and offer his experience so it’s best to be full prepared to outline and go through the details. Make sure you are clear on the details to fully realize the wealth of experience Mr. Cole brings to the table. 
Replied to Roman B. – Mar 24, 2016

Charles W. Mar 9, 2016 Private Investigation
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Helen B. Feb 4, 2016 Private Investigation
Verified Review
Michael Cole was very outstanding with his performance resolving my issue involving information that would have taken me months to receive. Mr. Michael Cole expertise as a private investigator, he jumped right in on the job and worked very hard from sun up to sun down. He did not stop until he received some answers the first day I hired him. He was professional about his service and went over and above the call of duty. He displayed compassion and concern for me as a client to make sure my issue was resolve as soon as possible. Mr. Cole made several phone calls and got to the source really quickly. I had spent about six months trying to get information that took him two days to get. I receive a phone call the very next day from the sources that would would not return any of my phone calls. My situation was resolved in two days. Mr. Cole contact me first from Thumbtack and my first instinct tells me to take the person that contacts me first. This means either they are serious about their business or have none. Mr. Cole is serious about his business. He call me back every time I call his or text him in less than a minute. I thank him for resolving my issue, he kind and has a nice sense of humor and care about his clients. I would recommend him and re use his service in the future if need. Thank you again, Mr. Cole stay Blessed!

Jerry M. Dec 28, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Mike is very diligent prior to taking on a case. Highly effective, responsible and explains all aspects of case as it unfolds. Highly recommended.

Gary t. Nov 12, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

I’m in N.Y., my aunt is in Florida, she is having problems maybe onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s had missed several bills. No phone or lights. Called Mr. Cole,very quickly he went to my aunt got her power turned back on and contacted whatever services needed to be contacted. Must have been in phone contact at least 50 times as I was told every step of the way. I am glad that this was done very quickly. Mr. Cole was very courteous and very concerned about my aunt’s unfortunate situation. I cannot thank him enough for his compassion and professionalism. I definitely would refer him to anyone who required these types of services.

Penny R. Nov 12, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Thanks so much for your time, Mike – the advice you gave in an honest, forthright manner was reassuring at a time when I’m feeling quite overwhelmed. While we didn’t move forward with a professional relationship, I would hire Mike in a minute should I require his expertise!

Carol h. Nov 3, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Michael Cole responded to my request for information search in an extremely timely and professional manner. He exceeded my expectations for the level and quality of service to expect on line. Although the need for his expertise is not needed at this time, I have Keystone and his name in my permanent file. I would not hesitate to either use Michael Cole or to refer him. It was a thoroughly positive interaction.

Cheryl W. Oct 25, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Mike is the greatest! He did a thorough job very quickly. He also returned my calls promptly and his advice actually saved me money! I highly recommend Keystone Investigations.
Karen W. Oct 4, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Michael was extremely helpful and reliable.

Regine A. Jul 27, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

OMG thank you so much Mr.Cole for all the clarity and good tips. You helped me a lot with all the concerns and questions and you didn’t even charge me for your time. And I really appreciate that you didn’t let me hire you cause you knew off hand that the issue was due to internet romance scam. Again thanks so much! To anyone looking for answers, Michael Cole is the right man for the job. He is very calm, understanding and makes you feel very comfortable and not judgemental. He is so helpful and professional. Regine A.

Christopher K. Jul 15, 2015 Private Investigation 

Verified Review 

He found what I was looking for quickly.

Veronica J. Jul 8, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Mike Cole was very informative and straight forward with his consultation. We had a long discussion, he gave me a reasonable quote for the service that I was requesting. What I like about him he was not pushy asked lots of questions and gave you the opportunity to think about your investigation request. This made me feel very comfortable with the idea of hiring him when I feel settle that I wish to move forward with my investigation needs. He was prompt with replies and communication was great. I would recommend hiring his service.

Elizabeth S. Jun 29, 2015 Private Investigation 

Verified Review 

Mr. Cole and I talked to determine my needs related to a person I had met in the last 1 1/2 months on a major internet . He was open, knowledgeable, and professional. He was able to share patterns of behavior and suggested next actions for me. Based on background and experience, he was very credible and forthright in his approach and information. I would recommend him for consideration.
Replied to Elizabeth S. – Jun 29, 2015

Nancy F. Jun 2, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review

Michael helped me with an issue that I had spent considerable time on in trying to procure a key piece of documentation that I needed for a court case I was involved in. After months of phone calls and leg-work with no results, I decided to hire a professional to assist me. Literally, within 24 hours Michael was able to obtain the information and the document I required. He was extremely professional, a highly skilled and experienced investigator, and flawless in communicating his progress – an excellent experience overall. I would highly recommend Keystone Investigations to anyone seeking optimum results and will certainly use Michael again should the need arise! Nancy F – Denver CO
Marshall L. May 23, 2015 Private Investigation 

 Verified Review 

My wife and I were pleased with the job , Keystone proved to be very professional, attention to detail and fast. I would hire Keystone again.

Darlene O. May 23, 2015 Private Investigation 

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I found Mr. Cole to be completely honest in telling me he didn’t want me to spend money he didn’t believe I had too. He explained why he didn’t believe I needed his service so I think it’s safe to say he is professional, knowledgeable and honest and I would highly recommend him to handle any of your needs. A rare breed these days. Darlene from Md.

Miss R. May 23, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

I contacted Michael Cole to see if he could assist in finding out information on a man I recently began dating as there were too many inconsisticies in things he was telling me, and I wanted the truth. Michael was incredibly helpful and took the time to ask me the right questions and recommend the most effective and right course of action. He was very responsive, genuine and caring and I appreciated his candor and insight. Ultimately his recommendation was to not pursue the investigation, for obvious reasons, the man I was dating was clearly a liar. This demonstrated to me that Michael was very client-focused and not looking to provide services that weren’t necessary and of value to just make money off of me. He spent the time to talk me out of doing something I already knew the answer to and what would’ve been a waste of my money. I so appreciated his experience and willingness to be direct, upfront and honest with me. If I’m ever in need of a investigator, I assure you he will be the first call that I make. It’s nice to know there are still genuine, client-centric and caring people in the world. I would highly recommend Michael without hesistation!

Rebecca M. from Connecticut
W. May 8, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Michael has helped me immensely. I had “met” someone online and just a few days prior to getting on a plane and flying three hours to meet this individual in person…something just didn’t feel right. I felt like I needed to dig a little deeper as well listen to my conscious, which I’m sad to admit that I was ignoring. There were a few red flags but I wanted to remain positive and give this new person the benefit of the doubt. However, more red flags were popping up, stories weren’t consistent anymore/making sense, as well a lot of shady personality traits were starting to surface. I was starting to panic internally thinking the worst and not knowing where to turn or what to do. I was feeling bad about cancelling just two days prior to flying out and wondering if it was my nerves or that I was possibly just overthinking things.. I thought to myself that it would probably be a good idea to hire a private investigator just prior to leaving. Michael Cole was the perfect fit, especially with his extensive law enforcement background he has definitely heard/seen it all! Talking with Michael for the first time and briefly explaining everything to him over the phone he was adamant about me cancelling this trip almost immediately. He was very real with me, hard facts – real! He didn’t like anything I was telling him or about this guy and didn’t hold back on sharing what he really thought about all of it. He is honest, straightforward and supportive all the way through. He was in constant contact with me throughout this process and answered all of my questions — funny enough, even prior to me asking them. Michael helped to confirm that this man is a con artist with a bad reputation who is manipulative and takes advantage of people and situations. He was able to bring to light old lawsuits, fraud charges and violations not only in the U.S. but also in Canada. As well newspaper articles written about him dissecting his character and the type of person he really is. The articles highlight previous scams he orchestrated, failures, lies/deceit, and his false promises. (This really could be a new episode of American Greed) Working with Michael was the best decision I could have made in all of this. Deep down I feel like if I had gone on this trip it would have ended in much more than just disappointment and something much scarier… I put myself at serious risk… and I would have been his prey. Since cancelling my plans and briefly giving my reason on why I chose to do so in a brief text message. I decided to block the guy since I don’t care for his response and do not want to hear from him in the future. Since then, of course I have opened myself up to receive a crazy amount of unknown caller ID phone calls even after blocking his phone number. Michael has been incredible in all of this and is still guiding me on making the next move,… possibly that being of a police report on stalking. Thank you for everything!

Felicia P. Apr 25, 2015 

Verified Review
I hired Mr. Cole to perform a criminal background check on my husband to disprove the erroneous charges another background check company came up with using a shotty database. Mr Cole was able to track down every single charge and proved they were not my husband at all. Mr Cole is extremely professional and diligent. The passion he showed while working the case was unmatched. He worked quickly and efficiently. Mr Cole was there for us explaining in great detail every step throughout the process. There are no improvements I can suggest because he is the absolute best at his profession. I will definitely use him again!

Sylvia S. Mar 28, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Thank you to Michael for his very quick work. He is very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend him to others and if ever the need arises (hopefully not) will give the work to him. Using online background searches are not helpful. The information is not accurate or up to date. This was the quickest and surest way to find the truth.
Replied to Sylvia S. – Mar 29, 2015

Silvia C. Mar 18, 2015 Private Investigation
Verified Review 

Very satisfied with Mr. Cole’s work. Even though we had some obstacles he managed to provide me with some very good information on the person I seeked a background check on. He worked very hard, I would definitely use his services again if I have to.

Arthur G. Mar 5, 2015 


Mr.Cole is professional and gets the job done. I have no reservations calling upon him whether the job is large or small, simple or complex

Jeff R. Mar 5, 2015

I’ve known Michael for many years. He is an honorable man who is relentless in conducting his investigations. I rely on Mike’s opinion; he never fails to speak his mind, offer constructive criticism or positive feedback. I’m proud to call Mike my friend and colleague.

Ken H. Mar 3, 2015

I owned a business in the City of Miami Springs for 14 years. During that time Michael Cole was a detective with the Miami Springs Police Dept.. Throughout that time, my business would occasionally receive worthless checks. Detective Michael Cole always put forth exceptional effort in finding many of the individuals responsible for these worthless. His success rate was very high.

Tyler S. Feb 26, 2015 

Mike Cole assisted me in investigating a charter flight operation that owed me some money and in fairly assessing the costs involved in recouping the losses through available legal avenues. He was thorough and professional and gave good advise on cost effectiveness of the available recourses.