Map of Florida highlighting PlantationKeystone Investigations Inc., was founded in 2012 by Michael R. Cole and is located in Plantation Florida. Michael has over thirty years experience as a Law Enforcement Command professional. While working at the Miami Springs Police Department, he climbed through the ranks by starting off as a patrol officer and worked his way up from Sergeant to Lieutenant. During this time he also was awarded Officer of the Month several times.   In 1985 he was honored as Officer of the Year for closing 159 cases which resulted in 97 arrests including credit card fraud, forgery, burglary, robbery, and other crimes.  At his retirement the Police Chief described him as probably the best investigator within the agency.

While working at the Police Department Michael gained a significant amount of experience in the following areas:


  • Experienced Leader of Enforcement Teams
  • Establishing and Maintaining Quality Controls
  • Providing Instruction in the Proper Methods of Police Procedures
  • Administrative Management of Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Utilizing positive and negative discipline to motivate subordinates to accomplish the goals of the department


  • Elements of a fingerprintInvestigations
  • Resource and Internal Contact Utilization
  • Utilization of Evidence for Suspect Identification
  • Latent Fingerprint Science
  • Demonstrated Tenacity in Pursuing Investigations Leading to Arrests and Convictions
  • Application of Criminal and Civil Law to Ensure Bona Fide Evidence and Arrests
  • Experienced in Fraud, Internal Security, White Collar Crime, Robberies, and Retail Security
  • Interviewing and Interrogation: Reading Personalities Under Pressure
  • Certified CVSA Examiner
Michael opened his own Investigations firm in 2012- Keystone Investigations, Inc.